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Spain – Around Barcelona – Montserrat

The mountains of Montserrat caught my eye as we travelled from the Barcelona airport in to town last week, and I have been excited to visit ever since….


Spain – Northern Catalunya – Pyrenees

The mountain roads weren’t as steep as I was expecting, proving to be no problem for our little Fiat Punto. I was actually thinking it wouldn’t be too…


Spain – Northern Catalunya

Today we transitioned from the sunshine and warmth of Costa Brava, into the areas in northern Catalunya bordering the mountainous Pyrenees. Our first stop of the day was…


Spain – Costa Brava – Catalunya’s Northern Coastline

In between our visit to Dali’s Theatre Museum, we made a short trip to Costa Brava, the beautiful coastline that graces north eastern Spain. While the weather mightn’t…

Dali Museum Figures

Spain – Dali Theatre Museum – Figueres

There aren’t many artists that capture my attention like Salvador Dali. Ever since I first discovered his work in my mid-teenage years, I’ve had a fascination with the…


Spain – Girona

This town suffers from being a cheap airport gateway to Barcelona, with most visitors jumping straight onto a shuttle bus and making the hour plus journey on the…

La Sagrada Familia

Spain – Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia

Unquestionably one of the highlights of any visit to Barcelona, this cathedral that is over a century in the making (and still going), is arguably one of the…