Our second weekend test of the Delica wasn’t really a test of the Delica at all, more of an excuse to get out of the city for a night.

The original plan was to create a ghetto-hot tub. We’d prepared a nice area next to the river, found plenty of firewood, found the old water pump and heat exchanger, but the piping to connect it all together was missing – most likely as a result of the flooding that happened in Late January this year.

Hot tub party scrapped, but we still had a nice campfire.

20130504_RCH_1695Just as we were getting the BBQ ready for dinner, we had two unexpected visitors. They were trying to canoe down the Brisbane river to the Kholo Bridge, but they didn’t allow enough time and were struggling with the darkness. They had no reception, and only their phone for light! They were several kilometers from the bridge if they continued down the river, and also several kilometers from the nearest road to get picked up. I felt a little sorry for them, so we strapped their canoes to the roof and drove them out somewhere they had reception and could call their mates for assistance.

20130504_RCH_1698 copyPerfect weather. Cold, clear skies without a trace of the moon in the sky. The Milky Way was clearly visible to the naked eye – and we were less than an hour outside of Brisbane!

20130504_RCH_1794This time we remembered to bring blankets and had a great night’s sleep. A little cramped and uncomfortable, but it’s just getting used to it I think. I hope…

20130505_RCH_186520130505_RCH_1879The next morning we loaded up with old bread that is donated from a local Brumby’s bakery and fed the cows – always fun!