Before I start with today’s adventures to Rotto (last time I call it that – it feels far too bogan), I had another fun challenge getting the zip on my camera bag replaced. It’s a fantastic (though enormous) camera bag that fits all of my equipment in (including laptop or camel back), but the zip has been slowly dying. Perth seemed like a good opportunity to get it replaced/repaired. Called a few clothing alteration shops, only to be told they couldn’t do it. One of the local shops, Lammy’s, started by saying they couldn’t do it, they’d have to see it, go somewhere else. Since it happened to be the closest, I took it to them yesterday. Again, when he saw the bag, he said they couldn’t help me. I insisted it was an important bag, so he told me to pick it up on Monday. I told him Monday was too late, so he told me tomorrow (today) morning. It felt like I’d bartered with him to get it repaired. Sadly, it wasn’t ready just yet… 10AM, so I had to do without a bag.

Risa has been excited to visit Rottnest Island since the initial planning of the trip began last year. She wasn’t excited for the snorkelling, or the surf beaches, or even the beautiful coastline. She was excited to see the small quokkas that the island was named after. (The Dutch mistakenly called it Rats Nest believing that it was infested with large rats, or at least that’s the story that I believed).

20130823_RCH_1289Being the middle of winter, Perth locals aren’t so keen for a beach getaway, which meant that prices were quite reasonable – $59 each including bicycle hire. It was just a short 30 minute ferry from Fremantle (can’t seem to get away from this area). We picked up our bikes (surprisingly good, considering) and started on our clockwise journey around the island. Actually, I don’t understand why they load/unload the bikes from the boat everyday instead of just leaving them on the island.

20130823_RCH_1292 20130823_RCH_1296 20130823_RCH_1297 20130823_RCH_1299 20130823_RCH_1302 20130823_RCH_1306 20130823_RCH_1304Right off the boat we could see the beauty of the island – white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, corals and seagrass. The shores have been brutal to ships, too – several are still visible, including this one that was just ten or so metres from shore. It was cool when we arrived, but by the time we visited a few beaches we were starting to get hot. People were swimming, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, surfingWhen we arrived I didn’t think we’d ever go swimming, but these beautiful waters were tempting.

20130823_RCH_1323 20130823_RCH_1316 20130823_RCH_1328We came across a New Zealand fur seal colony near Cathedral Rock on the western point. It was so bizarre, there were about 60 of them, but they were all concentrated in the one small area. That wasn’t the only bizarre behaviour, the seals were all floating around holding their side flipper with their tail flippers.

20130823_RCH_1330It wasn’t just seals that we were seeing, there was an amazing amount of large lizards (King Skinks) that were out sunning on the road.

20130823_RCH_1339 20130823_RCH_1387It’s only a small island, but we still had more than 22km of cycling (which is nothing, really) to do. Poor Risa was suffering on each and every one of the hills (and, surprisingly, there were quite a few).

20130823_RCH_1340 20130823_RCH_1344 20130823_RCH_1356I thought that we’d have more than enough time to see the whole island, so we caught the second ferry (9:30AM) and booked the second-last ferry (4:30PM). In retrospect, I wish we’d caught the last ferry. We had to start skipping beaches to make sure that we’d make it back to the ferry in time. But, I had to make sure that we went for at least one swim. The water was freezing, but irresistible – it felt absolutely amazing.

20130823_RCH_1367 20130823_RCH_1377The ferry was leaving in 45 minutes and we still hadn’t seen a quokka. Risa was a little worried, as it was the main reason she wanted to visit Rottnest Island. As we arrived back near civilisation we spotted our first one, one that a cleaner was chasing away from some trash… The quokkas were really small, and pretty damn cute (though, a little shabby looking). Their little faces really look like they are smiling.

20130823_RCH_1392 20130823_RCH_1400 20130823_RCH_1403 20130823_RCH_1429 20130823_RCH_1432 20130823_RCH_1407Once we got back in to town, they were everywhere! So cute! Though, I can see how they could be pests.

20130823_RCH_1435 20130823_RCH_1436 20130823_RCH_1439 20130823_RCH_1441Dinner: We caught up with Alex (from the Delica Club forum) and his fiancée Michaela for dinner in Fremantle at Gypsy Tapas House. Nice setting, good menu, and really tasty food. There was a really good Nu Jazz band playing, too.

102日目 8月23日 (金) ロットネス島 22kmのチャリ旅とクォッカ!



9:30フリーマントル発のフェリーなので、家を8時頃出発。 風は強いけど、お天気に恵まれました!




私たちもフェリー&レンタサイクル コンボのチケットを買ってフェリーを降りた場所で自転車を借りました。 (島に自転車があるのかと思いきや、自転車は来た船で運ばれてきました。受け渡しがモタモタでちょっとイライラ。)  パースのジモティー家族は、自分の自転車を持って来ていました。











大きな坂をがんばって漕いで登った坂の上の灯台でガイドのおばちゃんが、この先のWest Endという岬の手前の、Cathedral Rockという場所にアシカがいるので見ておいでーと教えてくれたので、周遊半周程を終え、くたくたで岬までは行きたくなかったけど、これを聞いて一気に元気復活!!


到着すると海にいくつかの黒い陰が。 黒いとんがった岩が並んでるのかとおもいきや、なんとそれは全てアシカちゃん達でした!!!


私たちが座ってる岸壁からなんと5、6mほどの距離。  こちらを特に警戒する様子も無く、リラックスムードで私たちをみています。(彼らも私たちをみに来たのかな??)


ほぼ全員が、片方のうでで、尾びれをつかんで、なんだかラジオ体操みたいな格好をしてゆらーりゆらり、、、  いったいどんな意味なのか。。


時仲間同士で乗っかってみたり、わん!と犬の様な声で吠えてみたり、うぉほんっ!!! とおっさんみたいな声で咳払いをしたり、逆さにダイブしたり、ぐるぐるとツイストしてみたり、時々アクションはあるものも、ほぼずーっとこの変なポーズのままゆらりと揺られていました。。





帰りのフェリーは 4:30出航だけど、けっこうタイムリミットが迫っている〜

なんとか乗り場まで4、5、kmの所に辿り着き、出航まであと1時間ほどはあるので、せっかくなのでキレイなビーチへ立寄り、泳ごうかなーと水着になるものも、この先船も寒いかもしれないし、温水シャワーをすぐに浴びれないので、私は、膝上まででパス。  ロスくんは、2分ほど寒いーー!!と雄叫びをあげながらカラスの行水状態でドボンとスイミング。

そしてそして、タイムリミットの40分前!  やっと夢のアイドル、クォッカ様に会えました〜!!!!!!

思っていたよりも小さく、ちょっとシャイ。  最初に見つけたのは、シャイなので、ちょっと近づいてさっと逃げてしまいました。 カンガルーもお腹に赤ちゃんがいると警戒するので、もしかしたらママクォッカだったのかな。



どうやら多くのクォッカさんは、かわいさを武器に人からご飯をもらうことを覚えたらしく、このエリアにたくさん住み着いちゃってるらしい。。ちょっと悲しい。。 お店の前には、クォッカさん除けの門もありました。
けどそのかわいらしいことったら!!とくに立ち上がったときは、口角が上がって見えるので、まさに笑っているように見える。 うひょーかわいい!



あぁ、この最後の最後にやっと出会えてよかった〜♡♡ 一生忘れられない〜




それにしても今日の22kmのサイクリングのせいで、膝が成長痛のヒドいバージョン並みにイタい。。。 帰りは、駐車場まで歩くのがやっと。。


パースで新しい仲間と出会えてよかったなぁ。 やっぱ旅は最高☆