It was surprisingly difficult to leave Perth today, we’d really started to feel comfortable where we were. The rain and the cold skies certainly didn’t make it easy to pack up and leave, either. We didn’t manage to leave Bayswater until 2PM…

We had to get to Bunbury to have a tyre replaced (such a pain in the arse…). I was starting to worry because it was already after 2PM, and it’s a two-hour drive there. It would have really sucked if we had to wait until tomorrow to have this tyre replaced – it’s already wasted a fair amount of our time.

We were low on fuel, too. I planned to fill up at the next petrol station that we came across… and after 130km of driving, that didn’t happen. The fuel light came on, we took a detour to a petrol station only to find that the damn station had been demolished… Jerks. So, it was lucky that we had 20L in a jerry can on the roof. It’s little things like this, and Sunday trading hours that make WA feel backwards.

Anyway, made it to Bunbury with just enough time for them to replace the tyre, rotate the wheels and do an alignment… The BFGoodrich sales rep that viewed my tyre last week gave me a 50% discount on a replacement tyre, and the man at the tyre shop in Bunbury couldn’t believe it. He didn’t call me a liar, but he certainly thought that the sales rep was crazy (because the tyre had been plugged). A gruff mechanic gave me my keys, and started turning the lights off in the store. I asked him about my alignment, to which he replied that he performed the work and he corrected the alignment. I couldn’t help but laugh when he told me that he didn’t actually drive the car (to test the alignment), you know, due to the time of the day. Whatever, lucky for him the car drives straight and true again.

Parked in a small and crowded picnic area between Bunbury and Busselton. BBQ chicken wraps for dinner. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again tonight!

105日目 8月27日 (月) 移動日



この町の側には、ロスのJET(英語教師)仲間の クレアちゃんが住んでいるので、再会を楽しみにしていたのだけど、なんと現在数週間ほどバリに旅行中であさって帰ってくるらしい。。。  残念ながらニアミスで会えなかったー。