This is technically our third season whilst travelling, having left Brisbane during autumn, though it doesn’t feel like we’ve had winter, it feels like we’re going in to autumn again now after the sun and heat of the north…

We were hoping to have a hire car today so we could get out there and look around, but the rental car offices were still shut… maybe they’ll open tomorrow?

If I believed in fate I’d certainly believe that we are stuck here because I have complained (mostly in jest) that I need a break from this holiday. With very little to do other than wait and try not to spend money, we had a relaxing day today. We stayed up late last night finishing off the last couple of episodes of Lost (I still think it still could have been so much better) so it was a slow morning – a little reading, some internet (Soylent is a real food thing now!?) and some more of sitting in our car doing nothing. Actually, we probably spent more time sitting in our driving seats than we would normally spend in a normal day of driving…

The howling wind of the last week was gone. It was a mostly sunny day with temperature in the high teens in the shade. The sun was as hot as ever, and for a while the idea of a swim didn’t sound that crazy.

20130901_RCH_2065 20130901_RCH_2071We killed some time by going for a walk along the beach in front of the caravan park. The wind may have subsided, but the swell was actually bigger than yesterday, which unfortunately meant the nice clear water was dirty with all the sand that was being stirred up. And, unfortunately, the waves on the shore weren’t the kind of waves that are fun to swim in – they just formed then dumped in an big angry splash onto the shore. I’m not a huge fan of swimming in the ocean (or anything other than a pool) at the best of times, so I didn’t need many excuses to just enjoy the water from the comfort of the beach.

20130901_RCH_2063 20130901_RCH_2064We found the most bizarre creatures washed up on the beach. I have never seen anything like it before. It was gelatinous, but it was quite firm (I only poked it with a stick, last time we played with things we didn’t understand Risa’s mouth was burning and tingling). They were all odd shapes with no obvious entry/exit holes… They had really odd (though, abstractly beautiful) patterns all over them, almost like an aboriginal painting. They didn’t seem to float either… I was at a loss.

And like that, the day was over.

9月1日 (日)デリちゃんまたもダウン。。。




街につき車を停めて、保険会社に連絡して、メカニック(修理所)の場所を教えてもらうと、ここから200mほどの場所だと分かったので、エンジンをスタートしようとするも、エンジンがかからず。。。。 道路にはオイルが漏れだしている!!!


軽くチェックし、動かすべきではないと判断。 店は土曜ですでに営業は終わっているので、月曜日までなにも出来ないので、保険会社がレッカーを手配してくれて、もよりのキャラバンパークまで搬送されました。


すぐ近くのキャラバンパークは道路を挟んですぐが海。 ちょうど良い事にこの海の目の前のスポットが大きなレッカー車がデリちゃんを降ろすスペースがあるので、週末はここで待機となりました。

オーシャンビューゲットっちゃラッキーだけども、また修理に十数万もしくは、何十万かかるかと思うとほんとイタい。 月曜日にならなきゃわからないけど、もしかしたらパーツを待つのにしばらく居なければならないかもしれないし、、、タイムリミットは迫ってきているので、なんとか早く出発したい!

土日は、レンタカー会社も休みなので、(まじかい!と思ってい自分たちで連絡するも本当に閉まってた笑  土日のレンタカーって1番稼ぎ時じゃないのかしら?)

しかたないので、昨日は、街の外れにあるキャラバンパークから海岸ぞいを歩いて、街をちらっとみて帰ってきました。 5kmくらいかな?




海草がいっぱいある海らしくて、多くの海草が打ち上げられていて、海岸のニオイが北海道の海のニオイに似ている。。。  貝はほぼ全くといっていいほどこのビーチには落ちていないのがちょっと不思議でした。

でもなにか見た事もない奇妙なゼリー状の脳みそのような模様の不思議生物がいくつか打ち上げられtいました。  これ何か分かる人??

あぁ〜車があれば釣りに行ったり、周囲の湖とかきれいなビーチに行けるんだけどねー。 明日までお預けです。(って明日こそレンタカー会社営業してればいいけど!)