As promised, a tow truck arrived shortly after 7AM to pick up our sick girl. We managed to convince the driver to give us a lift to the bus stop in town. We did that walk yesterday fully loaded, and while it wasn’t that far/difficult, if we could avoid repeating it, we would.

It was hard watching the tow truck drive off with our home bouncing away on the back of it. It’s not the first time we’ve been forced to spend time away from Deli-chan, but this was the first time we had to watch it disappear into the distance (while we shivered waiting for the bus to come – definitely under dressed for this morning’s frigid winds).

It took us nearly five days to get to Esperance from Perth, today it was going to take 10 hours to get back. I hadn’t really thought about it nearly being the same as flying back to Tokyo from Brisbane, the only difference, I had some leg room, and we stopped for cigarette breaks three times. Time passed quickly – I engrossed myself in a book (Millenium part II – The Girl who Played with Fire), educated Risa on the stupidity of 90s Adam Sandler (Billy Madison – Happy Gilmore is happening later this week) and ate (a lot) of chocolate.

The bus took a more direct inland route, so we got to see (from the comfort of a coach) a few new sights/towns. Coming from Brisbane, it’s really novel for me seeing these old stone buildings around town.

It felt really weird returning back to the place we stayed in Bayswater, I really didn’t think we’d ever see this place again. We were happy to be returning, but would have preferred it to have occurred under better circumstances.

We had no choice but to have take-away for dinner (didn’t want to have to carry food with us, and no chance to go shopping here in Perth), so let Risa fulfil her Indian cravings. Was recommended a local place, Jolly Good Indian. It’s no Punjabi Palace, but wasn’t bad, only really let down by using chicken breast (so dry!) and naan like Turkish bread. Amusingly, the lady in the store thought that I was famous, because my name was Ross. Turns out she had a bit of an obsession with that 90s sitcom, Friends…