20130906_RCH_2133 20130906_RCH_2134Yesterday I saw a friend (Mr. Simon Daly) share a photo of his breakfast, which was eerily similar to mine. There was one key difference though – bacon. So, when we were shopping for groceries to make lasagne, I also went shopping for food for my breakfast this morning – Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon on Toast. I was going to put honey on top of it all, but turned out I couldn’t find any in the cupboards here, so I did without. I’ve got to say, for someone who isn’t much of a bacon fan (yes, I know) it was pretty damn tasty. But, as a realist, there is no way that I’m going to the effort of cooking bacon (and cleaning up afterwards) every morning.

I think today is probably the best (weather wise) day we’ve had in Perth (both times). Just like a typical winter day in Brisbane.

Anyway, squandered the day. Went to see Deli-chan at her new temporary home at Robson Bros 4×4 in Welshpool. We needed to get more clothes/food out of her, as we could only carry so much on the bus from Esperance.

20130906_RCH_2152During our last visit to Perth, we met with a couple (Michaela and Alex) from the Delica Club. Michaela shared some wedding photography that her soon-to-be brother-in-law-in-law took while out here. We learnt that it’s a bit of a cliché place to take wedding photos, which strikes well with how we feel about the wedding photography that we’re doing on this trip. So, we made the effort to drive out there to take some photos. It’s a pretty cool little boat shed, right on the side of a damn busy road. There was plenty of honking and congratulatory messages being shouted out for us (if only they knew the truth…). Not the most photogenic location for us, and probably not recognisable for non Perth residents, either. But, we’re still happy with the shots that we got today. This sample gives an idea of the location.

20130906_RCH_2203One great thing about where we’re staying is that it feels like we’re back in a fun share house (mostly because that’s what this is, a fun share house). Just like being back at university (except with free time, and some money). This afternoon, on a whim, an ad-hoc table tennis table was created from several Ikea tables (missing pieces were even sourced from the local Ikea). Fun times. Perfect match for tonight’s Japanese curry dinner (which was truly awesome).