First thing to do today was to visit the Mitsubishi dealer in Hobart to find a replacement t-piece for the one that broke on Friday (and is currently being repaired by a Frankenstein piece from Bunnings). I knew that it’d be pointless trying to communicate with them about it over the phone unless I knew the exact part number that I required, which proved to be correct. There were two parts that looked identical (in the exploded drawing), I took a chance and ordered one to the Launceston shop.

But, before Hobart, we had a nice scenic drive from the Tasman Peninsula, this time shunning the main Tasman Highway as much as possible, travelling through some beautiful rolling green hills, full of sheep and lambs (and fat cows). It might not have been the quickest route, but since nowhere is really that far in Tasmania, it didn’t really matter.

I wanted to visit the Cadbury factory, but luckily I read a few reviews before we went there – turns out that there isn’t really a ‘tour’ anymore, just a short film explaining the production process – something about health and safety (and no doubt hygiene).

20131015_RCH_4247 20131015_RCH_4248 20131015_RCH_4250I also wanted to visit the Cascade Brewery. But, because I hadn’t booked a day earlier, the choice of doing a tour today had been taken out of my hands. I wasn’t that fussed, especially not for $25 (though, it does include some samplings and discounted lunch). We settled for a $12 tasting platter, half were from their Mercury cider range (Dry, Draught and Sweet), and half were beer (Lager, Draught and Stout). The Dry cider wasn’t actually that dry, it didn’t smack your lips like most dry ciders do. The Draught was our pick, just the right balance between sweet and dry. The Sweet wasn’t actually that sweet, either. All three were quite easy to drink and really not a huge difference between them. The Lager and Draught were both easy to drink, though I preferred the Lager (it was just a little crisper). I’m not a huge fan of stout, so my opinions aren’t really valid (I don’t like the coffee/smoky taste) – Risa loved it though. She loved it so much that she bought some stout ice cream (she actually bought it before she tried the Stout).

20131015_RCH_4251 20131015_RCH_4254We had a wonder in the gardens, taking in the aromas of the brewery. It’s an odd looking building, looking to me more insane asylum than beverage factory. We were even treated a glimpse of Mount Wellington off in the distance, towering above Hobart.

20131015_RCH_4258 20131015_RCH_4262 20131015_RCH_4263 20131015_RCH_4264Heading north towards Freycinet National Park we drove through many historic towns. We actually got out of the car (shock!) in Oatlands and went for a bit of a wonder around the main street. They (Lonely Planet) say that Oatlands has the largest number of Georgian buildings in Tasmania (Australia?). I can tell you that the town was definitely historic, and very clean/pretty. It also wasn’t overly touristic – they practised moderation/subtlety. I’m sure British people will have a bit of a laugh, but that’s fine, it’s interesting for Risa and I.

20131015_RCH_4267Next stop is one I’ve been looking forward to for a while, Ross! Who hasn’t wanted to stand by a sign saying, ‘Welcome to *insert name here*’, I know I have, and today I had that opportunity.

20131015_RCH_4275 20131015_RCH_427920131015_RCH_4268Ross was another pretty/tidy/historic town, also filled with its share of Georgian buildings, wide tree lined avenues and beautiful bakeries, and this is the real reason that we visited Ross – Ross Bakery Inn. I’m shamed to admit that I haven’t seen Kiki’s Delivery Service (A Studio Ghibli animation), but I’m told that this bakery has more than a passing resemblance to the one in the movie. In the time that we were there we saw more than a few groups of tourists come in just to look at the bakery, though none of them Japanese. But, judging by the Japanese signs in the bakery (and the notes in the guest book), there must be a reasonable amount of them. Again, having not seen the movie some of the locations are a little lost on me, but Risa has (and loved it) and insisted that this guest room above the bakery is just like the movie. The room had it’s fair share of Kiki souvenirs, including the giant bow and the small broomstick (Kiki is a witch, afterall).

20131015_RCH_4269 20131015_RCH_4270 20131015_RCH_4271 20131015_RCH_4282 20131015_RCH_4283Me, I was more interested in their wood-fired oven. We both ordered a pie, Lamb for me (with mint jelly and peas) and a Scallop pie for Risa (Scallop pies are a thing in Tasmania). Mine was amazing, and the mint was wasn’t as overpowering as I worried it may be. Risa’s was also creamy and scallopy, which I imagine would be awesome if you loved scallops (I don’t mind them, but I’d much rather land animals). We also grabbed a piece of their vanilla slice (which a sign outside proudly proclaimed was a winner in some competition, which I have forgotten as I didn’t take a photo of that sign). The slice was like none I’d had before – it was so fluffy and creamy and sadly I agreed to share it with Risa… We were the last customers of the day and the baker/owner kindly gave us a loaf of their sourdough bread, which I ate with some pumpkin/sweet potato soup – and it was awesome, as was expected. The owner also spent a little bit of time with us explaining the oven, and it seems like quite a beast to tame – get it as hot as you can in the mornings, cook bread first, then as it cools cook the cakes etc. But, judging by the food we sampled today, he’s obviously got the hang of it.

20131015_RCH_4289 20131015_RCH_4294It was another 90-minutes to the East to the start of the Freycinet National Park and our campsite at Coles Bay. More beautiful, twisty roads and more sheep. The national park campsite is right on the water at Coles Bay, providing million dollar views across the bay to the rocky mountains of the national park. Again, I thought that I was going to get lucky with a nice sunset, but again, the sun slinked away behind thick clouds.

155日目  10月 15日(火) ロス村とキキのパン屋さん

今朝は、ホーバートへ元来た道を戻ります。  そういえば、来るときも気づいたんだけど、ある牧場にいた牛はみんな、バクのようなキレイな黒、白、黒のストライプ模様をしているんです。 ふしぎー


その後は、カスケードというタスマニアが産地の有名なビール工場へ。  残念ながら今日のツアーは、満員なので工場見学は、できませんでした。 この工場は、1824年に建てられたとても歴史のある建物です。 この建物は、何か知らなかったけど、数日前にハイウェイからちらっと一瞬見つけてあのお城はなんだ?!と思っていた建物でした。

間近でみると本当にお城みたい♡ これがビール工場とは検討もつかないけど、ちゃんと奥には、大きなビールのタンクがあります。  中に入ってみたかったなー。


レストランとバーは、ステキなお庭に面しています。 今日は、晴れているけど、風が強くてやはり寒いので、とてもステキなお庭だけど、ちょっと外でビールを飲むって気温ではないのが残念。

ここは、私の大好きなサイダーも作っているのでサイダー3種類とビール3種類をテイスティング $12

サイダーはどれも甘すぎず、とっても飲みやすくかなり私ごのみでした。 でもタスマニア以外ではサイダーは販売していないみたい。  おいしいのに残念。   ビールもどれかは忘れちゃったけど、タスマニアのみの販売品が多いみたい。  にくいなーー!


これが、ちょっと香ばしく、黒ビールの苦みはあるけど、とってもクリーミーで、ヌガーのようなまったりとした味で最高に美味でした! こんな美味しいアイスクリーム久々に出会ったのでちょっと感動。。。


ここまでの道はのどかなイギリスの田舎のような、なだらかな牧草の丘が何処までも続く牧羊地でした。    まだかなり小さい子羊が、ぬいぐるみのようで思わず車をとめて抱っこしに行きたくなる、、、、

途中Oatlands(オートランズ)というその名の通り麦の生産が盛んな村だそうで、ここには古いおおきなオランダにある様な風車がありました。  昔は、(もしかしたら現在も現役かも?)ここで粉を挽いていたようです。


そこからまた車を走らせ、ロスという名の村へ。  ロスへようこそ!と書かれた看板の前でロスくんもちろん記念撮影。


この村も歴史的な建物が多く保存されていてとっても可愛らしい場所です。  このパン屋さん  Ross Bakeryもステキな建物です。   はっきりキキのパン屋さんは覚えていないけど、ここを訪れた監督がこのパン屋さんの雰囲気がとても気に入ったそうです。

入り口には、キキのパン屋さんへようこそと日本語で書かれた紙が張ってありました。  多くの日本人やアジアのお客さんが訪れるそうです。

私は、タスマニア名物のホタテパイ。 ロスはラムのパイ。 デザートにオーストラリアで一番おいしいバニラスライスと書かれてあるので、そちらも頂きました。




私は、11月25日(月)ロスくんの誕生日にゴールドコーストから日本へ帰ります。 ロスは、ブリスベンでもしかしたら仕事があるかもしれないので、ちょっと送れて12月9日(月)にチケットを取りました!


無事日本行きのチケットも購入して、ほっとデザートのバニラスライスを頂きました。   このバニラスライス、スライスという名からほど遠い程、分厚くて巨大!!


その後は、お店も落ち着いた様なので、キキの屋根うら部屋があるベーカリーに隣接した Ross Bakery Innのキキのお部屋を見せて頂きました。


オソノさんのわんちゃんではないけど、お話にでてくるようなラブラドールもいました。 でも魔女の宅急便は20年以上前の作品なので、(うわ、いつの間に!!)これは、偶然だね。

お部屋は、白い建物のロフト部分で本当に、キキのお部屋みたい。 ベットは3つ入っていて、ここで宿泊することももちろんできます。




お店に戻りありがとうの挨拶を言いに行くと、 キッチンにある現役の、とても歴史のあるすてきなオーブンも見せてくれました。


朝すぐに800°になるまで薪を焚き、温度は夕方まで500°程を保つそうで、この温度になるとケーキやビスケットを焼く温度にちょうどよいそうです。  ご主人は、夜ご飯もこのオーブンで料理するんだよと教えてくれました。  なんてエコなオーブン。







ちなみに町には2つパン屋さんがありますが、こちらは、Ross Bakery さんで、通りの奥の方にあります☆☆

今晩は、Coles bayというキレイなビーチと荒々しい山のコントラストがとてもすてきな場所でキャンプです。