Day 158 – Launceston

Some mornings I wish I had a thermometer to measure the temperature inside/outside the van (though, the temperature of the engine head was 02C…) It was a clear night with a nearly full moon, and while it wasn’t warm before the sun set, it rapidly dropped once darkness came. This morning we woke inside the clouds, which was something different – fortunately the grove that we’d camped in provided some respite from the wind.

It wasn’t far from Ralph Falls to Launceston, but due to all the mountain roads, we didn’t get there until midday. First call was visiting the Mitsubishi dealer to pick up the replacement t-piece… only to find that I’d unluckily managed to order the wrong one… There are three t-pieces in the heater circuit, two are the same, (which I ordered) the other is different (the difference is the size of the T outlet, the one I ordered has a 12 or 13mm outlet, I needed one with a 10mm…). Never mind, I’m sure it’ll come in handy, and it was only $15. The correct one was ordered in to one of the Melbourne dealers. I’m still amazed that I can order these random pieces directly from Mitsubishi, considering it’s a car that was never sold here.

20131018_RCH_4490 20131018_RCH_4492 20131018_RCH_4493Next was the Boags Brewery. They have tours at 11AM and 3PM which cost $30 and include beer/cheese tastings. I’m interested in the brewery, but more interested in sampling the different beers. Sadly they don’t offer a platter of brews to sample, but they do sell quite cheap glasses to sample (7oz ~ 200mL) for $3.50. We grabbed two of the beers that are only available in Tasmania, the XXX Ale (which is actually a lager) and the Wizard Smiths. The XXX was really fragrant and tasty and too easy to drink. We were advised that the Wizard Smiths was like a British Ale, and is best left to warm a little to really taste the sweetness, so I sacrificed the warmth of my hands to induce a little heat into it. It had a fabulous smell to it, and a very rich taste too – much richer/darker/fuller than the XXX. I don’t know if I could pick a favourite between Boags and Cascade, especially with such a gap between tastings. Tasmanians are lucky to have two high quality local beers.

20131018_RCH_4497 20131018_RCH_4500 20131018_RCH_4501There was a free museum upstairs of their ‘Centre For Beer Lovers’ (pub/souvenir shop). In it they talked about the history from inception, through innovation, inheritance and upheavals into what it is today. Also lots of artwork/advertising/cans/bottles from the past. The buildings themselves were interesting to look at from outside, too (as was Cascade).

20131018_RCH_4502Sadly, by the time we’d done some shopping and taken care of some business (flights in Japan, changing ferry dates back to Melbourne etc) it was already after 3PM. I wanted to have a quick visit to the QVMAG (Queen Victoria Modern Art Gallery) to see some of their photographic exhibitions, but by the time we managed to get there with all the one-way streets and overpasses/tunnels/freeways (and me paying for someone else’s parking meter because I didn’t realise you had to choose the bay before you inserted money…) it was 3:30PM… and it sadly shut at 4PM. There was two fantastic exhibitions that we sadly had to rush through just to be able to see it all – Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2012) and Into The Wild. WPotY is pretty self-explanatory I hope – lots of wildlife themed photographs based on different categories, like endangered, underwater, interaction with man etc. As always with these exhibitions, it was truly humbling seeing such amazing images, especially the ones in the junior category (it starts from 10 years…). The other exhibition that we (just) managed to see was Into The Wild ­– which was all about photography of the Tasmania wilderness. We’ve now been to some of these places and seen some of these sights (from some of the same vantage points, too), but these photos just made it look even better than I remember it. It also painfully rubbed in all the places that we were unable to see due to the weather being uncooperative while we were there… But, I’m sure they had more time/patience than we did.

We know that we’d barely scratched the surface of Launceston, but we did enjoy the little drive around some of the old ‘inner city’ streets.

20131018_RCH_4510Luckily with daylight savings time, we still had quite a bit of time before darkness set in so we headed back in to the mountains to see Liffey Falls. Like most tourists, we were caught out with how far something is on a map, compared to how long it takes to get there! The roads were steep and tight, and at some points we were down to 20kph and just crawling up the muddy road (I still don’t want to push the engine too hard until I can put the genuine t-piece back into the cooling system). It was an easy 1km walk to the falls, and along the way there were a few moderate cascades. It wasn’t the size that made them interesting, but rather the sheerness of them – everything was right-angles/cubic. It really looked like it was man-made.

20131018_RCH_4503 20131018_RCH_4507The actual falls weren’t particularly high, but they were very wide and uniform. It felt like an incredibly long way to come (it wasn’t in reality, we just took a shortcut) and I wasn’t disappointed. I wanted a better angle to see the falls, so I crept out in to the middle. Apart from my feet burning from the cold water, I was standing on flat rock that had been covered in algae all the while being pushed by a considerable force of water. I wanted to spend longer walking around finding a better angle, but after this one shot I was happy that I hadn’t fallen in (walking out was even a challenge, so I’m quite happy I didn’t fall in with the camera…).

We’re a little surprised at how quickly the day disappeared, and it still feels like we didn’t really do much. Oh well…

15  8日目  10月 18日(金 )





どちらも程よい甘みと苦みは感じるものも、スッキリとかなり飲みやすい味で、美味しくいただきました。  ランチをまだ食べていなく、空腹だったせいもあってちょっとほろ酔い笑

そんなほろ酔いの中上のミュージアムを見てきました。 初代ジェームス バーグさんがイギリスから移住し、ここにビール工場を建てた会社の成り立ちや、昔の広告、現代の広告、歴代のビンや缶のパッケージなども展示されていました。





その後は、Liffey Fallという滝へ向かいました。  この滝もかなりの急な峠を登ったり、下りたり、、、、

駐車場からは、30分ほどのちょっと急な下り。 行きを楽して、これを後で登るのがいやだなぁ、、、笑 でも冷帯雨林の緑の濃い森が、ジュラシックパークのようで結構ステキです。






明日は、タスマニア最後の日。 結局今日も時折雨が降ったので、これでタスマニア滞在中雨が降らなかった日は、なんとゼロ笑


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  1. Freshly-brewed beer and beautiful waterfalls. Sounds like a fantastic day. So envious of your trip!

    • You know what, sometimes I need to just step back and think like that. While I was working, this would be the highlight of the week. I sometimes forget how lucky we are that this is our everyday experience at the moment. Thanks for reminding me to cherish the simple things.

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