We wanted to go to the Queen Victoria Markets today, but for whatever reason, it’s shut on Monday and Wednesday (today is Wednesday), so that kind of ruined our plans…

I usually eat Weet-Bix for breakfast, with a banana and some Milo on top (though, I made a impulse purchase of Sustagen instead of Milo in South Australia, and have been regretting it since). I’d been hungry and awake and in the lounge room for a while, but was too lazy to go out to the car to get food to make my breakfast. …and before I knew it, ninja chef Akimi was up and she’d cooked an awesome breakfast for us. There were small pangs of guilt at having a 36-week pregnant lady cooking me breakfast, but they didn’t last long after I smelt what was on the table.

Aaaaaand, not a lot happened between breakfast and dinner. Risa and Ai-chan went shopping at Doncaster Shopping Mall, I fixed a light switch and ate lunch. It felt a lot like a regular weekend.

20131023_RCH_5040 20131023_RCH_5037 20131023_RCH_5033 20131023_RCH_5030But, the highlight of the day was yet more food. A veritable banquet if you will. I knew we were having paella for dinner and had just found out that we were also having pork belly. I didn’t know that we were going to be having antipasto, bread, (homemade) dips, kingfish sashimi, enormous prawns, several dozen oysters (Coffin Bay), and multiple salads. Oh, and sangria! It was crazy. Risa usually makes pretty good food, but I think if she was a chef like Akimi, and I had access to this kind of food all the time, not even my elevated metabolism would keep me fitting my current clothes.

It was great, we slowly ate at the food, knowing that it was impossible to finish it all, so concentrating on the foods that wouldn’t keep (like the sashimi, prawns and oysters). Eating at restaurants is great, but when you have a professional doing it in the comfort of her home, it’s even better. Food is massive source of pleasure in my life.

Risa and Ai-chan had changed into pyjamas before dinner, so I was confident that their after dinner drinking plans in town weren’t going to happen. But, to my surprise, after finishing off the sangria, some VB (Ai-chan actually likes it) and bottle of moscato (Risa) they were ready for a night out. The only problem… it was already 10PM on a cold and rainy Wednesday night. We headed in to Brunswick Street and had a wonder up and down the bars/restaurants, but not much was happening. We drove in to the city, but apart from thousands of people leaving at Beyoncé concert, not much was happening here, too… We ended up in a bar on Little Collins Street (Boney), where we stayed until a little after 1AM. Not the night out that Ai-chan was looking for, but sadly there wasn’t much that could be done about it.