We had grand plans to head in to town early to see a museum (Powerhouse), but the opportunity to sleep in was too hard resist. As we were getting ready to head in to town, we were invited to a friend’s work’s Melbourne Cup event. So, we postponed the museum, and got dressed up for some televised races.

20131105_RCH_5623 20131105_RCH_5625Walking to the train station this morning, we passed by this lovely little community centre. Even though we’ve seen it so much, I don’t get sick of seeing the Harbour Bridge – I don’t know why, it’s just a big/old bridge, but it’s just impressive when it’s just ‘there’.

20131105_RCH_562620131105_RCH_5627For no real reason, we decided to get off the train one stop early and walk to her work at Redfern. For reference sake, there was next to nothing worthwhile to see on that walk and we’d have been better off staying on the train for that extra stop… We’d been warned that there were nibblies, but grabbing a small lunch might be a safe idea… so we bought a kebab, which turned out to be the worst possible idea. I don’t know if this was normal for Sydney, but this kebab was nearly the size of a foot-long sub. Sadly, my felafel (I was still on a felafel high after Sunday’s brunch) was dull/flavourless (and Risa’s was drowned in sauce).

20131105_RCH_5629Her work was in an awesome old railway maintenance building (Australian Technology Park) – was cool seeing all the old displays. We joined the festivities late, and caught up with a beer and a champagne (and a few top ups), bought some sweeps tickets (no success) and waited for 3PM for the big race. It surprised us to see the place empty out as soon as the race was over (though, it might have had something to do with the bar closing up…).

20131105_RCH_5633 20131105_RCH_5635Not sure what to do, we headed in to the Museum of Contemporary Art in The Rocks. More cool modern art, though like always, we arrived late in the day, so we were asked to leave before we’d seen all we wished to see…

20131105_RCH_5634 20131105_RCH_5636 20131105_RCH_5639We had a quick wonder around Circular Quay (we’ve done all the usual tourist things during our last visit), joining the crowds around Opera House, then back to the apartment in Kirribilli.

20131105_RCH_5649May told us that the view from the roof of her apartment block was incredible, so just after sunset we went up to the top of the 12-floor apartment block to have a look. Now, this is a view that I wouldn’t get sick of – talk about a million dollar view! We stayed up as long as we could (it was cold) just basking in the city view.

20131105_RCH_5654Another dinner at home, this time a Beef and Guinness casserole (except red wine was substituted for Guiness). This was definitely a culinary success!