Renee and Archer were discharged from hospital around lunchtime, so we quickly caught up with the Diehm family then hit the road.

20130620_RCH_3741 20130620_RCH_3746 - Version 3 20130620_RCH_3767But, not before I took another 50 or so photos of baby Archer…

Not a big day, only two-or-so hours on single-lane bitumen to Dajarra. Beautiful rocky landscape as we were leaving Mount Isa reminded us just how different the landscape can be. I’d have taken some photos, but in a rare move, we had solid cloud coverage and occasional showers… And, they say it doesn’t rain here during winter!

The free campsite in Dajarra was the best free site we’ve yet had the pleasure of visiting, at least facilities wise (not much of a view). Free hot showers! There were also some powered sites for the caravans, but firstly we don’t really need 240v (well, we do a little now that the inverter has been sent back to the manufacturer for repair) we opted for privacy over power.

Sorry, not much else to report on… other than Risa’s awesome pumpkin soup.