Day 69 – Spent the majority of Sunday in our hotel room watching Lost – was somewhat of a marathon effort, finishing nearly half of season 3! And, apart from a roast dinner the caravan park we are staying at (beef/pork with roast vegetables – $12), we didn’t bother leaving our room. I know we should be out and seeing Darwin, but to be honest, there wasn’t much I wanted to see, and I was pretty tired from a fairly busy fortnight. It’s laughable, but travelling is quite tiring. We’re doing it seven days a week, and generally we’re busy from sunrise to sunset. R&R was much appreciated, especially since the room had air conditioning.

Day 70 – One of the few benefits/luxuries of being stuck here in Darwin is we have access to hot showers and TV. The TV was good timing as the Laguna Seca round of the MotoGP was on this weekend (6AM this morning). We were half asleep watching it, but still a good race. We eagerly awaited a phone call from the mechanic to tell us that Deli-chan would be ready to pick up. We didn’t receive that before 10AM, so we checked out of our little room and went shopping at Darwin’s only real shopping centre, Casuarina. Out of curiosity, I called the mechanic to see if the bearings had arrived, and if/when the car would be ready to pick up today – bearings had arrived, and would be ready late afternoon.

We both bought a new set of thongs (my fourth pair for this trip) and I got suckered into some awesome Adventure Time t-shirts.

Went and had a look at the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery – lots of very impressive aboriginal art works (no real surprise there) and a good exhibition about Cyclone Tracy that flattened Darwin Christmas 1974.

20130722_RCH_9407 20130722_RCH_9408Next door was the Darwin Ski Club, which I thought would have been awesome if it was a mock chalet/après bar. Nope, water ski club… Still, wouldn’t want to fall in to the water around Darwin, as beautiful as it is, with jelly fish that can kill within 3-minutes during summer, and crocodiles/sharks all year round…

Picked up the Delica ($850!!!), dropped off the Commodore hire car, re-stocked food/fuel, and made our way towards Litchfield National Park.

The End.