Changed the oil/filter and cleaned the air filter this morning – can’t believe it’s already been 5,000km (actually, closer to 6,000km) since Mt. Isa.

20130725_RCH_9495 20130725_RCH_9496It was a push for Western Australia today, so even though there were some beautiful national park to explore between Katherine and the border (Gregory River National Park), we didn’t deviate from the Victoria Highway. I’d love to go and explore all these rocky escarpments that we’re driving through, but we’ve been in Northern Territory for over a month now and it’s time to push on. It sucks, but we can’t see everything.

I think the word for today was ‘big’. I found myself saying it over and over. Whoa, this is just so big and wide. Whoa, those rocks up there are so big! Whoa, it all just looks… so… big. Whoa, look how big that is! Big country. Whoa, I also realised I probably talk like Keanu Reeves…

20130725_RCH_9487 20130725_RCH_9488 20130725_RCH_9493Quick lunch break at Victoria River Crossing and a quick survey of the terrain – awesome coloured rocky escarpments surrounding us. Yellows, reds, greens on the hills – very big and beautiful scenes. The sun was relentless, but the cool breeze was amazing. Even so, it’s very dry here and there were lots of small dust devils forming in the car park (not the best photo of one…).

20130725_RCH_9498 20130725_RCH_9501 20130725_RCH_9503 20130725_RCH_9507As we got near Timber Creek we started to notice Boabs, or Bottle Trees. They seemed to start all of a sudden, and then they were everywhere. Such a strange looking tree, especially at the moment with all the leaves missing. At first we were pulling over to marvel at each of the big trees that we saw on the side of the road, but then we realised just how many of them there were! They were the strangest shapes, some quite tall and thin, others really rotund, some look like they’d swallowed a beach ball, some had branches, and some were like twins. It certainly helped pass the time, spotting, describing and admiring all these quirky trees.

We stopped for the day just short of the WA border (it’s a rest stop right at the border). This is officially the most westerly I’ve ever been in Australia!

73日目 7月25日 (木)     移動日 一日ドライブの日


今日は、道の途中とくに立ち寄る場所もないのでひたすらドライブ。 サバンナハイウェイに戻ったので、景色は、、、サバンナの景色。


とは言っても個性様々な形をしていて、中には、どっぷり全身が太いのもあるし、ひよろながーいのもあったり、どれもとっても素敵です。  古くて大きいものは、とっても胴まわりが太い!

1800年代に、白人として最初にこの地を訪れたグレゴリーさんは、大きなバオバブの木に名前を彫って残したものが、今も残っています。 残念なのが、道路の端にある大抵の大きな木には、誰かしらが残した名前(いたずら書き)が書かれているのが残念です。

今日は、メキシカンナイト〜!  今晩は、いよいよ1ヶ月以上楽しんだノーザンテリトリー準州と、オーストラリア最大の州、西オーストラリアのちょうど境界でキャンプをしています。
州を跨いでの、特に動物や植物の感染の広がりを防ぐ為に、格集の境界線には、検疫場があり、ここにも目の前に、検疫所があります。  州によって厳しさは違うようですが、この道路は特に家畜を運ぶ大きなトラックが主要として使う道なので検疫が厳しいようです。

それでは、ノーザンテリトリー最後の夜。お休みなさーい。 (あ、明日からは、日本との時差は、日本の方が1時間先になります!)