Day Fourteen – Mechanical Woes

The beautiful clear night turned into rain as we were going to sleep, which got heavier later in the night and it woke me with a nice steady drip through the sliding door onto my bed. This happened off and on throughout the night – really need to work on the waterproofing of the van.

Also, because of the rain this morning, we didn’t really get to see the sunrise over the sea, like we imagined.

First up today was a trip to the mechanic… sadly Deli-chan hasn’t been running too well since Mackay (truth be told, it hasn’t been running that well for longer than that, but after Mackay it became much, much worse). Luckily we were able to find a mechanic that would look after us at short notice.

We left her with the mechanic and killed time by watching a movie. We watched Star Trek – Into The Darkness, which was good fun – if you don’t think too much about it.

Bad news about the car… Couldn’t find a source of air being sucked into the engine between the (very expensive to rebuild) pump and the fuel tank after a few hours (and a few hundred dollars) of investigation this afternoon, so once again, we left her with them and used our RACQ insurance to organise a hotel for the night (apart from the shower, I don’t know if it’s a step up from the Delica or not…)

Hoping for some good (cheap) news tomorrow…



5時過ぎまでかかる様なので、私たちは出発前からみたかった新しいスタートレックの映画を見に行く事に。 修理所からは、3、4kmのショッピングセンターだったけど、気温も高かったせいでやたら遠く感じた、、 アクション、ドラマ満載の一瞬も飽きない期待通りの楽しい映画でした。悪者役の俳優さんは、現代版シャーロックホームズの人で、悪いのにカッコ良かった笑

映画が終わり残念なお知らせ。 色々調べたけど、原因がまだ分からないので、また明日も調べなければならないみたい。なので、RSCQ(車の保険屋さん)にホテルを手配してもらいました。 この為の保険だね! でもまだ旅が始まったばかりだし、ケアンズはもう飽きたのでできるだけ早く脱出したい所だけど、、とりあえず、ベッドと暖かいシャワーを満喫します。

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  1. Good luck!

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