Equipment – Emergency Satellite Beacon

Due to the vastness of Australia (especially when compared to Japan, which is where we travelled last time), one of the real concerns is having an emergency in a remote location. We’ll try to reduce the impact of something like this happening by carrying plenty of drinking water, food and by keeping the car in good mechanical condition and carrying tools/spares.

But, things can go still go wrong, and since we’ve heard that in some locations there are no people to be seen, let alone mobile reception, we decided to look for an emergency satellite beacon that we can use if we get into trouble.


I have to say, I was impressed with what we found. We bought a SPOT GPS Satellite beacon. Not only can it send a distress SOS message if we get in to trouble, but it also allows us to check in to let people know that we are OK. We can also send a message for help, if it’s not an emergency that requires emergency services to attend. It can also track our location, with a location pushed every 10 minutes to a shared map.

Making use of the check-in function, we can share our last seven day’s location with friends/family/public through a web page – here

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  1. kindly write the price of this device.

    • Hi, Jeffery. I paid about $130 US for the device, then an annual subscription fee of about $100 US. Well worth it in my opinion.

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