Glasgow-RCH_1032Admittedly, we only spent a few hours here (and most of them were in the cold, cold rain). It was amazing the number of pubs and kebab shops we found, but sadly we didn’t get the chance to find something that really attracted us to the city. But, the main purpose of the visit was to see friends who call Glasgow home, so we had a great time regardless – I’m just not looking to relocate there just yet.
Glasgow-RCH_0909 Glasgow-RCH_0911 Glasgow-RCH_0912Glasgow-RCH_0907We visited the Harry Potter-esque University of Glasgow, and made a quick pass of the exquisite Kelvingrove Art Gallery (which was unfortunately closed for Boxing Day).

Glasgow-RCH_1019 Glasgow-RCH_1018Another evening we made a had a quick walk through the centre of town, passing the (also closed) Gallery of Modern Art, with the iconic traffic cone wearing statue, and also past George Square (which was currently occupied with a neon-lit Christmas market).