With a heavy heart, I left my apartment that I’d lived in for the past two years.  The poor Delica was full of all my worldly possessions (I’d had moments of panic about what would happen should the car catch on fire).  I was quietly impressed at how much I was able to squeeze inside! (and am now regretting not taking photos…)

Not only was I leaving the apartment, but I was also leaving the town, the job … and portraits the lifestyle.  I’d been an (assistant) English wholesale jerseys teacher in Yakumo since August 2008, and while I could have stayed for an extra 12 cheap NFL jerseys months, (with the help of my girlfriend) I had decided to move on.  It had been an unforgettable two years of my life, and was nice to be leaving on a positive feeling.

The new (assistant) English teacher had arrived, and In it was time to hand over.  Hand over the house, the job and the friends.

First mission was to store my ‘stuff’ somewhere until the trip was finished.  Luckily, I was able to bribe a friend in Kutchan, which is why this was the first leg of the journey.

The second mission was to modify the van to make sleeping easy/comfortable, while also making it easy to get the ‘cub in and out.


100809 Map Yakumo-Kutcha

The journey to Kutchan is one that I’m fairly familiar with, as I was driving it every weekend during winter (and at least once a month at other times).  The drive started off nicely, with the setting sun making beautiful colours in the sky.

But, all the colours in the world couldn’t have made the horrible squealing wholesale MLB jerseys belt noise coming from pencere the engine bay tolerable.  It was close to two hours of anger and frustration wholesale nba jerseys and just plain annoyance.  It has squealed for a little while now, but it generally disappeared when I wasn’t accelerating.  I’d tried to locate which pre-departure belt it was that was causing the noise, but настроения? diagnosis was difficult without someone inside the car controlling the throttle

Anyway, arrived, unpacked, showered, slept.