Day 67: Zamami Island (Okinawa) – Yaese (Okinawa)

The original plan for today was to explore around Zamami Island again and then catch the ferry back to Kagoshima in the evening.  One (small) hiccup.  The ferry to Kagoshima left at 8AM, not 8PM.  We realised this yesterday, and since there was no way that we could be back in time for the ferry, it meant that we had an extra two days in Okinawa (since the ferry runs every other day).  Not a bad thing, but money was already extremely tight.

zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawaWe woke to clearish skies and warm temperatures, so we went for an early swim at the nearby Ama beach.  The tide was in this morning, so the shallow water yesterday was even shallower.  We floated around for a while, thinking how lucky we were with the weather.  Today was even nicer than yesterday, though still far from perfect.  The clouds were still stalking on the horizon.

zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawaWe packed, checked out and got a lift into town where we hired a scooter to explore town, but not before we ate some breakfast.  As we were coming back from our early morning swim, a man gave us ¥2000 worth of vouchers that could be used at any of the businesses in town (which I later found out we were meant to be given when we bought our ferry ticket, but because we were so rushed he didn’t have time), so we used it on a nice breakfast.  I ordered what I believed to be ‘Okinawa-style hotdogs’ and Risa ordered a big bowl of taco rice.  My hotdogs turned out to be plain battered dogs, not sure what made them Okinawan…  Anyway, they were nice enough, but I think the local cats wanted it more than I did, and had I not been so hungry I probably would have shared something with them.  Luckily Risa wasn’t able to finish her breakfast…

Fed, we went and got on our scooter.  Limited by the times that our ferry departed, we raced around the perimeter of the island as fast as we could, visiting all the view platforms in succession.  It was embarrassing how fast (and sporty) I thought the 100cc scooter was, but after being on the ‘cub I think anything would feel fast.

zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawa zamami island okinawazamami island okinawaThere were platforms on all corners of Zamami, each with a different outlook.  Sometimes beautiful sandy beaches, sometimes aggressive rocky coasts.  Each time we arrived at a view platform, we still couldn’t believe how lucky we were today, and how amazing the weather was.  I couldn’t imagine better conditions, and for once neither of us had a single complaint about the weather!

zamami island okinawaWe even returned to the beach where I proposed to take a ‘memorial photo’ with flower rings that Risa created.

The lady at the scooter hire shop doubted that we’d be able to see the entire island in two hours (which may have been her trying to upsell a third hour of rental, though we were limited by the ferry departure schedule), but we did it.  Just.

We were happy, we’d seen what we wanted to see in Okinawa.  We’d been snorkelling and seen amazing coral fish.  We’d seen amazing white beaches, blue skies and bluer seas and even seen some beautiful houses.  So, we left Zamami with no regrets, a great memory to be forever attached to our engagement.

zamami island okinawaThe ferry back seemed faster than the ferry there, though it could be that we were exhausted.  On the way we passed several ‘uninhabited islands’, including this oneAnd fed.

zamami island okinawaWe arrived back on the main Okinawa island about 4PM, I had to sort out a problem that I had with my iPhone (it went flat overnight, and wouldn’t turn back on…), and once that was sorted (she factory reset it, erasing all my music) we went into Kokusai Dori again, to do more tourist things while we waited to meet with our friend, who saved us by letting us stay with her after we screwed up the ferry time table.

naha Japan-Road-Trip_-_PKO9972We wondered around for a while (even managing to try one of the new McDonald German sausage Chicken Burgers), looking at all the tourist fare.  Lots of overpriced Hawaiian shirts and jars of sake with snakes in (habu-shu).

naha naha nahaTogether with our friend, we headed to dinner at a favourite foreigner bar of hers, Eager Beaver.  As well as having a large assortment of foreign beers, the bar also had food that we’d (I’d) been craving including meat pies and poutine (which is something I’d never tried prior to tonight).

naha naha nahaWe played a few games of Jenga, some Fussbal and a quick game of darts then called it a night and headed back to our friends house in Yaese, where she treated us to another quick episode of Dexter before bed!

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  1. Hahaha poutine!!!! The frenchies love that shit over here! Chips gravy AND cheese curds!!!! They even have poutine competitions!!!

  2. whoa! mr. miyagi’s homeland! congrats on freshly pressed.


    Ok, so I must ask: Were the red shoes and intentional artistic choice in picture 3? Because they MAKE that picture…


  4. wow. im so envy u.. i wish to go japan too.. i love the beach picture, awesome!

  5. Wonderful pictures…I enjoyed them all!! They tell a great story 🙂

  6. What absolutely AMAZING photos of paradise.. I am sitting in a dark and dreary London afternoon wondering where did it all go wrong… looking at you photos.. you guys are so lucky… enjoy, enjoy, enjoy….

    • Thanks, we did enjoy. Hopefully it’s not the last of our vacations. Hopefully you get to get away from London sometime soon.

  7. Looks like you guys had a great time.
    I enjoyed your photos, I’vealways wanted to goto Okinawa as my wife was born there,although we are currently running our own english school in Mie ken.
    Where are you from?
    Anyway thanks for the pics.

    • Yeah, it was a fantastic journey that we were lucky to have experienced. Mie isn’t too far from Okinawa, you can do it I’m sure.

      We live in Hokkaido, but I’m from Australia.

  8. awesome pictures! looks amazing out there! congrats on being freshly pressed!

  9. Yea for eager beaver, junk food the Canadian way! Enjoyed your post of travel in Japan. Congrats. for being freshly pressed for notoriety.

    Jean also @

  10. thank you for the pictures..It makes you feel like you have been gone there..

  11. AMAZING photos. looks fantastic!

  12. I’ve long been interested in traveling to Okinawa. Now that I’ve seen your photos, I am ready to go! Looks fabulous!

  13. nurhidayanto09

    are u japanese?

  14. nurhidayanto09

    good picture………….and the view. i like to see the horizon line on the sea. it’s so great, i think

  15. i like it, if i want go to there plis tell to me why

  16. Your pics are awesome! What type of camera are you using?

    • Thank-you, I appreciate it.

      It’s just a Nikon D300, would love to upgrade but I’m waiting for a replacement for the D700 … and money to pay for it.

  17. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Japan is one of my most favorite places to travel!

  18. Great Pix! Thanks for posting them.
    Vacations are such an uncertain thing – weather, locals and food – there are no guarantees.
    Loved the parts with the Jenga and coupons/vouchers.
    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time!
    I look forward to the next post.

  19. Woooow,Really lovely images.
    have a nice day and take care.


  20. Ralph Starling

    Excellent photos! Looks like you are having fun!

  21. You have some great photo’s post.

  22. I really love the blog……. interesting keep writing

  23. I like to this blog.

  24. Intimate take! Will keep visiting!

  25. The beaches looked beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I wish I was there1

  26. I lived on Okinawa as a child. You bring back many memories for me. I loved the Okinawan people. The beaches then were richly stocked with an assortment of shells. The fisherman used to allow us to watch as they worked their nets and catch. My brother and I used to play in the “habu pit”, which, as I remember it was actually a bomb crater.

    This was back in 69-71.

    I like this blog very much. Arigato.

    • It was beautiful, but you could feel the sadness there from all the fighting in the past.

      We loved the people too, even with all the problems they have had in the past, they were still very friendly to us.

  27. Your photos are simply beautiful. I am really happy that you have shared them with the rest of us who haven’t had the opportunity to visit Okinawa.

  28. Wonderful. I feel as though I just took a sort of mental flight to Japan:)
    So lovely. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your lives.

  29. What a beautiful sight! I love all your photos. Cool!

  30. The place is so breathtaking! I would love to visit here someday and get to know the locals. I’m from the Philippines so it’s not that far from me. Thank you for sharing your photos! xoxo – Sheila

  31. Oh my gosh…these pictures look like they’re straight out of a movie. Gorgeous!

  32. Super interesting and beautiful post! (I like the red shoes too.) Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. 🙂

  33. Looks like you guys had a brilliant time, great photos!

  34. Hi Risa & Ross!

    It was miracle beacause my daughter was taken by you, by chance.
    I live in US as business bachelor.
    And I came from Kumamoto.
    By chance I was checked web site and the aim was not for your web site.
    But I miss Japan, Kumamoto, Nagasaki Hiroshiima, so I checked your web site.
    It was awesome, my daughter came across with you.
    She was playing mandoin at Kumamoto castle.
    Thank you for your information to me.

    I hope you can have safe trip.


    • Oh, that is interesting! We didn’t see the performance, we only saw the practise, but they were very good. Thank you!

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