NisekoI managed to sleep in until nearly 9AM, which is quite a feat for me (though, I attribute it to the ear plugs/eye mask).  For once, Risa was up early, and had been drying out our futons, and washing our clothes/sheets.


I don’t know why, but I’d been craving a burger from Pelican Burger in Kutchan, so we made plans to meet some Niseko friends there for lunch.  It’s a good burger, but maybe its just nostalgia, because while it was tasty, it wasn’t mind blowing.  I think I had placed unfair expectations upon it.  I don’t remember it being so… messy.  Anyway, it was a nice lunch with friends.


We were sitting around at a friends house, when he rushed inside to tell us to check out the sky.  It was AMAZING! The sky had exploded with orange/pink hues.  Of course, I quickly grabbed my camera and tried as hard as I could to capture it before it faded.  By the time I got into a position that was free of powerlines etc, it had already begun to fade (seriously, 5 minutes max).

In the evening, we caught up with more friends (Niseko is such a small town, you always see the same people where ever you go) at Abucha.  A friend had to return to Australia for visa reasons.  Even though we were in town only a few weeks ago, it was good to see everyone again.

A nice, relaxing, slow-paced day.  Just what we needed.