Yup, another big day of driving (and therefore not much of note to talk about).

The bitumen started again in Laura, so roughly the second half of the day was nice smooth driving.

20130608_RCH_3315Something that we found very interesting were the small ponds on the side of the road, full of beautiful lilies (and other less interesting water fowl). Any excuse was a good excuse to pull over for a quick break from driving. I wasn’t feeling great today – a little nauseous, cold, sore etc. Already had a cup of concrete and aggregate, just waiting for it to harden me the you-know-what up.

20130608_RCH_3316I couldn’t help but think these little ant nests looked like small mounds of poop. Delirious from fever, surely.

20130608_RCH_3317 20130608_RCH_3318Between Lakeland and Mt Molloy was a small mountain range, and the view down of the expansive plain below was impressive – so flat and wide (apart from the mountains around the perimeter).

Early night – BBQ chicken and salad for dinner, followed by a couple of episodes of Lost (I wish I could forget everything that happened…).

Also, temperatures have dropped again – might almost be able to sleep with a blanket tonight! (beats the sweaty nights in The Cape.)

26日目 6月 8日(土) ケープヨークの荒野、行きと同じ道をひたすら走り続けました。 ブログはお休み!