I felt unwell yesterday, and it got worse in the evening – sore joints/muscles and chills/fever. Didn’t really know what was wrong, but felt like a stomach bug. And, sure enough, about 2AM when I needed to get some fresh air, I heaved my stomach clean. I don’t mind throwing up as I usually feel immediately better, and tonight was no exception. Still had a hard time sleeping. I was either hot or cold, and I couldn’t get comfortable no matter how I lay.

Sickness aside, it was a pretty average morning. It was foggy, with gusting drizzly rain, which was funny since the area around Atherton to Ravenshoe (Raven’s Hoe, not Raven Shoe – which is also QLD’s highest town).

We didn’t plan to take this route, we’d planned to cut across from Musgrave to Karumba, but was told that the road was closed. So, like yesterday, this meant we were re-tracing travelled ground, which meant we were no longer tourists and not interested in doing touristy things – just interested in getting to our destination.

When we first travelled this road a little over two weeks ago, I was also sick, and last time a visit to Innot Hot Springs helped clear my blocked sinus. This time though, it just made me more tired and nauseous. It was crazy busy, too. (Queen’s Birthday Longweekend).

20130609_RCH_332220130609_RCH_332020130609_RCH_3331From here, Risa took over the driving duties as I just wasn’t up to it. Her first day of driving, and it was some pretty challenging conditions. I think this was also the furthest she has ever driven in a single day (320km).

We continued along the Savannah Way, back past the Undara lava tubes.

The towns out this way just seemed to get smaller and wider the further we travelled (Georgetown).

It amazed me how much the landscape has changed since the morning. We’d gone from rolling green hills, to thick rainforest, to savannah, to a vast plain. Sadly, no safe way of taking photos…

20130609_RCH_3327 20130609_RCH_3328The other awesome thing I noticed was the way the ant hills have changed. North in Cape York they were giant orange spires, somewhat similar to what Gaudi would design. There were also the impossibly thin grey hills, which with the geo-magnetic alignment made them look eerily like tombstones. Today we started seeing the big round red mounds, and by the afternoon they’d changed to thousands of small lumps.

27日目 6月 9日(日)
ケープヨークから脱出するも、Undara溶岩トンネルのある場所まで、前にきた道を逆戻りの日なので今日もブログはお、短縮版! あ、またまたInnot Hotspring 温泉に入ってきましたー♥ 家の近所にあればいいのに笑

そしてロスの体調不良の為、温泉の後、運転をバトンタッチ。 この旅ドライブしましたー!! なんと320km なかなか楽しみました。 でもロス君の体調が心配。 本人曰く、お腹に悪い虫がいるようです。。。