Day 47 – Uluru Sunrise and the Failed Ascent

It was a completely clear night last night – first time in a while that we’ve be able to see the Milky Way clearly. I had a good feeling that the clear skies were going to hold until sunrise. And, because of this, I couldn’t sleep in – I was mentally awake from about 5:30. At 6:15 I took the first look at the night sky and realised it was still completely clear, so I rushed Risa to get ready so we could go. We were a little naughty, to make it easier for the sleepy Risa, I let her stay in bed while I drove there. I then parked the car in such a way that she could see the sunrise from the comfort/warmth of her bed.

Me though, I was out in the 6˚C freshness of the morning. It wasn’t so bad, except for the wind. And, I’ve been too lazy to find my tracksuit pants (so I was out there in my short shorts and Ugg boots).

20130629_RCH_7583 20130629_RCH_760820130629_RCH_7612 20130629_RCH_7614We returned to the same location that we’d watched the sunset two days earlier, shunning the more popular location on the eastside of the rock. And, I think it was the right choice, and this is how I know I’m getting older, I had the place to my self. No coach loads of middle-aged overweight women with their iPads outstretched pushing me and my tripod, no hyperactive tweenagers running from one end of the viewing platform to the other, no un-educated DSLR wielding idiots with their flash popping and doing absolutely nothing at all. It was just me and the silhouette of the rock. The people I was talking about above got the view of the rock being illuminated by the sun’s rays – I got the glorious colours of a sunrise. It wasn’t a spiritual experience (I wouldn’t even know what one was), but it was relaxing and it was beautiful, and for that I was grateful.

20130629_RCH_7619Once the sun was clearly above the horizon, and I could see the AAT King coaches full of tourists, and the endless train of Toyota Prados and Nissan Patrols leaving, we drove over to see it from the sunrise location, too. Again, by now (30 minutes after sunrise) I had the area to myself. I could take in the rugged details of Uluru, along with the faint view of Kata Tjuta in the background, in silence and in my own time.

In my head I sound like my father…

I know it’s culturally insensitive, but climbing Uluru has been something that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. It was shut to climbers on Thursday pending incoming rain, and today it was shut again due to strong winds. There were lots of climbers on the mountain, so either we’d just missed the gates being open, or they all just opened the gates and continued anyway (which plenty of families did, complete with young children in tow – way to be a positive role model!). We sat and waited. And waited. And waited (and was thankful for 3G connection), and then finally gave up some time after noon (Google weather said that the wind was set to increase anyway). Some things just aren’t meant to be!

20130629_RCH_7622 20130629_RCH_7624We made one more lap around Uluru, returned to the campground for a free shower (also, I think that the temperature of the water is linearly linked to the ambient temperature of the shower room – it was freezing last night (and so was the water), but warm today (and the water was scalding)). Did some grocery shopping in the IGA – and shock! It was the same prices as we’d pay in New Farm (give or take). I have been craving chocolate and other sweat foods (I blame you, Diehmsie), so stocked up.

20130629_RCH_7625 20130629_RCH_7627Headed back along the Lasseter Highway, past Mt. Conner (interesting seeing it in colour this time!) and on the bypass road to Kings Canyon. We stopped 100km short, but we’re in no rush. Steak and sautéed mushrooms for dinner – grand total of $5 for the two of us! Happy tummy.

47日目 6月29日(土) ウルルーのうるうる朝日

今朝は、ウルルーの朝日を見る為に6時15分にキャンプ場をでて、公園へ向かいました。 外は、まだ暗星がはっきり見える暗がりですが、ロスは、星と月とウルルーの写真を撮りたかったので、ちょっと早めに出発しました。 外気は、6℃という寒さ。そして今日は強風!
ロスくんが、外は寒いし、寝てたら?? と提案してくれたので私は、ベッドに寝たまま公園へ向かいました笑




という素晴しいウルルーの日の出のすべてを私は、世界一のVIP席、デリちゃんのベットから拝みました!!  はははー。デリちゃん最高♥♥

その後は、ウルルー登頂をリベンジする為に移動。 おお!! 人が沢山登っている〜〜!!  大興奮で急いで、ゲートに向かうも、

“頂上強風のため登頂禁止” との看板が。


残念だけど、やっぱり登るなってことだったのかな? アボリジニの神様は、私たちはウルルーに登らない事で、魂がピュワなままでいてほしかったのでしょう! と思うしかないね! それかそんな簡単に登らせねーよ! また来いや!! ってことかな〜



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  1. Melinda Fitzgerald

    There was devine intervention when you tried to climb her. Respect for the Aboriginal people is a minimum, this is a way of putting your money where your mouth is 🙂 Your experience was nonetheless amazing and the pics are stunning and no lens in the world can do it justice I’m sure.

    • But, you know I’m like a monkey and want to climb anything bigger than me! I think that’s the way I ‘spiritually’ connect with things.

      I still find it funny that some areas (like Uluru and Kata Tjuta) are so protected, but others (like Devils Marbles) give you free reign to walk/climb/explore, even though they too are considered culturally important sites…

  2. Dam unlucky you missed the climb due to the weather. It’s just the luck of the draw. We got lucky and did the climb, was awesome.

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