20130802_RCH_0330It’s been a location that the two of us have been looking forward to for some time now. We had our first tease of the West Coast yesterday, but it was just that – a small tease.

20130802_RCH_0315We drove around town for a little bit, did some shopping and ended up at Town Beach for a late breakfast. The beach was nothing exceptional, but the water was very tempting. It’s in an eastward facing bay, and a few times a month you can see the ‘Staircase To The Moon’, which is reflections of the full moon rising across the bay. But, the moon is currently waning, so there’ll be none of that for us. The odd thing (for us) was the Shinto Torii perched above main beach. It was weird seeing the bright red Japanese gate here in Australia, but even weirder because it was next to a commemorative plaque for all the lives that were lost here in Broome due to Japanese bombing during WW2… Still, it made for a pretty photo, which at the end of the day is all that really matters, right?

20130802_RCH_0318 20130802_RCH_0323 20130802_RCH_0320Japanese presence in Broome is actually very interesting. They came out at the end of the 19th century to work as pearl divers. And, nearly 1000 of them died here chasing their fortunes. There is a (shockingly large) Japanese cemetery here, and there seem to be several deaths per month (lots of the graves are chronological). Most of the divers were from Wakayama and Ehime prefectures, which are famous for pearls in Japan, but we managed to find a single gravestone for a man from Hokkaido (Yuni-cho as it turns out, a tiny town east of Sapporo).

20130802_RCH_0326 20130802_RCH_0328 20130802_RCH_0333 20130802_RCH_0335 20130802_RCH_0337 20130802_RCH_0342 20130802_RCH_0343It’s said frequently about this place, but the contrast between the white sandy beaches, the red rocks and the amazing blues of the sky and water is really, really stunning. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

20130802_RCH_0345 20130802_RCH_0347Haha, Lunch! We were shopping this morning and found this odd, odd product – marshmallow spread! I’ve never heard of such a thing, and it sounded too bizarre to not try (you only live once). Sure enough, as soon as we opened the cap, the familiar smell of marshmallows wafted out. And, the consistency (and taste) was just like roasted marshmallows. It suggested it goes well on toast for breakfast (ew) as well as scones, and since I haven’t had scones for a while, we gave it a try. Risa loved the packaging proudly boasting its low fat content. Overall, I’d give it a B-. Enjoyable, but forgettable.

I also helped a young couple break in to their Wicked campervan (they locked their keys inside). It was fun, there was a big crowd all trying to break in, but in the end I was victorious.

20130802_RCH_0352DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPROAfter the excitement (and sugar rush) of lunch, we went to check out the famous Cable Beach on the west coast of Broome. Now, this is more like the beaches I was expecting from WA – long, wide, white sand and blue water. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect, the water was the perfect temperature and the lack of waves made it relaxing (though, a little boring). I think it could be very easy to spend a few days here just unwinding.

20130802_RCH_0351 20130802_RCH_0393 20130802_RCH_0403It was also novel that we were able to drive our car along the beach! We drove for a pretty long time, waiting for the beach to end, but it kept going, and going and going. I gave up when I realised that we’d have to drive back the same distance… We sat around and watched the sun set over the sea, which isn’t the first time on this trip, and I don’t think it’ll be the last, either. Beautiful colours that just lingered and intensified as the light faded from the sky.

20130802_RCH_0394Oh, and we made the most of the privacy of our beautiful location to do some wedding photos. Here is a sneaky preview!

81日目 8月 2日 (金)  Broome  素敵な、素敵なブルームの町



次にTown Beachという町の中心部からそばのビーチで遅い朝食を食べ、家族に電話をしたりちょっとまったり。 町の側のビーチだけど、十分きれい! とにかく水の色がほんとうに、水色という色をしています。 インド洋いいねぇ〜

そしてお次ぎは、日本人墓地へ行ってみました。 この町は、真珠産業で栄えた町で今でも真珠の養殖が盛んです。






ケーブルビーチは、ブルームのメインのビーチなので、沢山のひとでにぎわっていました。 ここも水の色が素晴しくきれいで、透明度もバツグン。


これまでケアンズ、ケープヨーク、ダーウィンなどなどとてもキレイなビーチがあっても、くらげとクロコダイルのせいで泳げなかったけど、やっとここに来てとってもキレイなビーチで泳げただけに、とてもテンションが上がりました笑   待ったかいがあったーー!


ここからは、ビーチの上を走行します! デリちゃん、ビーチ走行デビュ〜☆

らくだに乗ってビーチを歩くツアーを発見。 砂漠のキャラバン隊みたいで、ちょっとおもしろそう。  ここは、このらくだツアーでも有名です。

次は、あんまりいなかったけど、ドッグビーチ。 わんちゃん放し飼いOKのビーチ。

そして次は、ヌーディー ビーチ! そう、裸になってOKなビーチです笑

地図で見つけて、笑ってすっかり忘れてたけど、車で通り過ぎた時に寝転がって本を読んでいるおじさんのお尻が丸見え&釣りしてるおばさん(か、おじさん?) の後ろ姿が遠かったけど、どうも裸っぽいので思い出しました笑    自由でいいじゃないですかーーー! 笑



かなり近くではっきり見えました♥ しかも何回も上手なイルカジャンプを披露してくれちゃって最高♥♥


今日は、とっても素敵な1日でした。 ブルーム最高☆☆