We’d found a nice little place to turn off and spend the night, right near the lighthouse. There were no signs saying not to camp here, but all night I was slightly paranoid that we’d be woken by a unsympathetic police officer, possibly with an on-the-spot fine… But, good news, we survived the night undetected. This was either because the place we found was so well hidden (it wasn’t), or they just didn’t care that we were there (or, more likely, nobody was looking for us).

In the never ending game of, What Is That Noise that we’re playing with Deli-chan (yesterday was a horn that would come on every time we braked or went down hill), I noticed a mechanical whirring sound, somewhat like the sound of a rooted bearing. Since we’d already removed the belt from the air conditioner compressor (therefore eliminating that and its tensioner pulley from the equation), I had to try and guess if it was the alternator, the water pump or worst case scenario, the harmonic balancer. As always, there was sage advice to be found on the Delica forums. I quickly checked with a big solid screwdriver (my stethoscope) and heard that the sound seemed to be coming from the alternator. To be sure, I took the car to an auto electric mechanic (off topic: I love that in small towns I can just drive to the industrial area and find a mechanic, no need to drive from one part of town to the other trying to find one) and he double checked with his stethoscope (same big solid screwdriver) and confirmed it was the bearings. Long story short, bought new bearings, couldn’t find a mechanic to help pull the old bearings (or fit the new bearings) on a Saturday morning (especially with the Broome races happening today). Bearings should hold out until Port Headland on Monday, when hopefully I can remove the alternator and get someone to help swap the bearings that I have already bought (also, so cheap! $30 for the two of them, wish wheel bearings were that cheap…).

Risa wanted to restock on some Asian cooking ingredients, so we tried to find an Asian supermarket. Broome has a Chinatown, so we started there thinking that would be a good place to start the search and couldn’t be more wrong. The area still has some Chinatown-esque decorations, and some of the old buildings still remain, but it’s essentially full of jewellery shops selling pearls (can’t believe that a pearl necklace can cost more than $10,000!) and other shops aimed squarely at tourists. But, I did find an op-shop that had a cheap pair of board shorts…

Gave up the search and decided to have one more swim at Cable Beach before leaving Broome. Made a slight mistake and stopped at the nude beach. So, when in Rome… which is why there are no photos from today! If you want to see what Cable Beach looks like, have a look at yesterday’s blog post – Day 81 – Broome.

We had a quick swim, then I wanted to relax in the shade and read a book for a while. I think I finally understand the allure of a beach holiday. The beach was still just as amazing as yesterday – crystal clear waters, really, really fine white sand, and perfect blue skies made it a one of the best beaches that I’ve ever been to. And, even with the crowds, we had plenty of space to ourselves. In fact, I could barely make out the wrinkled naked bodies of the middle aged couple nearest to us.

And that was basically us finished in Broome. It was a short stay, but we left on a high and were both impressed with how beautiful it was here.

20130803_RCH_0411Oh, there was one last stop – Matso’s Brewery, the local beer. I don’t know why, but for some reason as we were leaving I decided I wanted to try some of their beer. There were several available in bottles (more available on tap), so we bought a small selection, including a very, very easy to drink ginger beer (which we consumed with dinner), a mango beer, a lime cider (which from the small sample we had tasted very, very good – just a hint of ginger), a dark beer and a pale ale. They also had a chilli beer, which they proudly proclaim is the world’s hottest chilli beer (not sure if there is much competition out there for the hottest chilli beers, but it seems they have the title). The kind bartender suggested that we try it first, since the bottled version is usually a little hotter than the draught. I’m glad we did try it! It wasn’t super hot (in fact, it was little more than a warm glow in my mouth), it just wasn’t something that I would ever want to sit down and drink (again, not that I would often want to sit down and drink a beer anyway, so kind of a moot point). You can see more about the brewery on their website – http://www.matsos.com.au/beer-and-cider/

And that was that, we had a good time (and could have easily stayed another day or two, especially since we didn’t have to pay for accommodation), but it was time to keep rolling.

82日目 8月 3日 (土)  ブルームの町でリラックス

今朝は、朝ご飯をケーブルビーチの側の海岸で食べて、ブログ更新をしたり、デリちゃんの不具合をチェックしたり。 またまたデリちゃんの不具合が見つかり、メカニックに見てもらいに行ってきました。


お次ぎは、チャイナタウンにいってみることに。 乾燥わかめが


昔はチャイナタウンとして賑わっていたらしいけど、名前だけが残ったようで、チャイナといってもあるのは、チャイニーズのテイクアウトの店が2店ほど。  他は、真珠のジュエリー店をメインにお土産やさんがならぶただの観光地でした。


あまり車が停まっていないのでいいねといって停めた場所。  キャンプチェアーを出して、お昼の準備をしていてふと気づいてしまった。

視界のちょっと遠くを歩いているおじさん、裸や〜ん。   かなり距離があるのではっきりはみえないけど、(見たくないけど笑) どうみても裸。





じつは、このビーチ、オーストラリアのなかでも1、2を争う美しいビーチなのだそう。 どおりでね!



水は、とっても透明で足がはっきりとみえます。 ほんとうに透き通っていてキレイ〜♥




MATSO’s という名前で、レーベルには、大きく赤い文字で “生” と漢字で、書いてあります。  なんでかは、理由聞くの忘れちゃったー。
世界一からい唐辛子ビールをテイスト。 飲めない程じゃないけど、マジで辛かった!  そしてライムサイダーも試飲させてくれました。うまい!!

結局、マンゴービール(これは試飲してないので楽しみ!)、ペールエールx2、ジンジャービール x2、スモーキービールの6本で$24と、うまーいライムサイダー$11 (500ml)

をお買い上げー♥   楽しみー☆


日本と真珠業の関わり、美しいビーチなどなど、とってもブルームが気に入りました。  今回の旅で訪れた町の中では、今の所1番好きかも♫

バイバイ、ブルーム! 素敵な時間をありがとー


今日の夜ご飯、前菜は、先程のジンジャービール!  かなりジンジャーのパンチが効いているけど、飲みやすくて夏にぴったりな味。 美味しくって、ついつい、ぐびぐび飲んでしまいました。(といってもロスと半分だけど)

うまかったー。  明日は、終日移動の一日になりそうです。

P.S. 今日は、昨日とほぼ同じ場所にいたので写真はビールの写真のみです。昨日のブログの写真を参考にしてね笑