Day 85 – Another Day, Another Day (and $400) Wasted.

While the gang of trucks that we parked next to last night offered us some protection should anyone care to complain about us parking overnight in a day-use only area, the negative was being woken up at 5AM when some of them started up their engines. But, I did plan to get up early anyway and try to take some sunrise photos down by the water. It’s the first time (I think) that we’ve been by the coast for a sunrise over the sea, so I tried to make the most of it.

20130806_RCH_0470 20130806_RCH_0496 20130806_RCH_0453I’m fairly confident in saying that I’m not going to be quitting my day job (the one that I’ll be back doing once this jaunt finishes) any time soon, but it was fun running around in the near dark with my camera gear and that was good enough a reason to be awake.

20130806_RCH_0539 20130806_RCH_0536I don’t know how we missed this yesterday on the drive in, but this morning we saw this behemoth from nearly a kilometre away. I know it’s such a boy thing, but just looking at the scale of these trucks blows my mind. And, it’s not just the size, there was a plaque that gave information about this truck, and in its service life, it operated for 60,000 hours, travelled 1,200,000km and hauled 40,000,000 tonnes! As bad as I know mining can be for the environment, the little boy inside me gets incredibly impressed by the enormity of the machines and the complexity of the logistics that are used.

20130806_RCH_0540 20130806_RCH_0544 20130806_RCH_0545 20130806_RCH_0548Roebourne, for whatever reason, has lots of really cool old buildings, including the old prison that has been converted to a museum (with more brutal facts about the way aboriginal people were treated), a neat old church (built in 1895), and several others.

Arrived in Karratha around 11AM, which was much later than I’d hoped (but, we had fun with the little side trips). Was lucky enough to find some shade in a car park near an auto electrician and a shopping centre, so went about removing the alternator for the auto electrician to replace the worn bearings. It wasn’t a difficult job, taking about 30 minutes to remove the alternator (and everything else that had to be moved first). I dropped it and the bearings to them, and killed some time at the shopping centre across the road.

First I had to buy another pair of thongs – fourth pair purchased on this trip. Also, I can’t believe how cheap Target/K-Mart can be… I bought a nice pair of board shorts for $7! SEVEN DOLLARS! I paid more than that for a second hand pair in Broome. I also bought some long sleeved shirts from K-Mart, one cost $2, the other (which was slightly nicer) cost $5. Plus, $7 for another three pairs of underwear. Oh, and Risa was craving McDonalds (don’t ask me why), so I humoured her and we went there for lunch, only to find that they have two-for-one Tuesdays! Today was the day of bargains!

Until the mechanic finally finished with the alternator (4:30PM) and gave me the bad news that the regulator/rectifier was dead, and we required a new alternator… I was devastated. On the plus side, at least it was discovered before I destroyed the batteries and the ECU, too.

20130806_RCH_0551 20130806_RCH_0552I was starting to have visions of us being stuck in Karratha and wasting even more time here… but, to my surprise, he had a replacement one ready for me within 10 minutes! $360, which is an alright price for a brand new (non OEM) alternator, but it’s still a whole lot of money that I’d rather not have had to spend. By the time I’d installed the new alternator (and screwed around with the fuses that I blew, and replaced the connector lug that broke) the sun had set and it was starting to get dark.

20130806_RCH_0557The closest rest area that we could see in Camps 7 was a ‘day-use’ area in Dampier, so we thought we’d try our chances again. As we were driving from Karratha towards Dampier, we saw (an amazing sunset, and) what we thought were flames on top of chimneys. It wasn’t until we’d gotten near our ‘campsite’ that we realised just how large this gasworks area was! The flames were ENORMOUS! The refinery (at least that’s what I think it is?) looked like a huge cruise ship all lit up at night. I tried taking a few photos… but it was a little dangerous on the side of the road with all the road-trains flying past to set up a tripod and a telephoto lens – I think you get the point though, it was pretty freaking huge.

Campsite ended up being only a few kilometre from these enormous fires, so now as I sit here and type this, I can see these two enormous fires out of the corner of my eyes – good thing we have a curtain for the front window!

85日目 8月 6日 (火)   デリちゃんまたもや修理。。。。

良かったー。 昨日は難なくキャンプ禁止地で車泊できました☆ まだ暗い朝方に大きなトラックが出発して目が覚めたのと、朝日の写真をとるのに何度も起きてチェックしているロスくんの気配であまり良い眠りでは、なかったけど。。。

朝は、この小さな町   Roebourneのクイック探検。


鉱山で使用されているトラック。 タイヤの大きさだけども4m以上はあります。







その次は、かなり古い教会と、古い民家。 民家はすでにかなり大破していますが、なかなか味があっていい感じです。







まじで泣きたくなりました。  勘弁してくれよデリちゃん、、、


予定では、今日のうちに隣町のDampier 観光もするよていだったけど、今日は、キャンプ地に移動するのみで終了。

そして、ずっと遠くから見えていた大きな煙突からでている炎。 これは、ガスの精製所のもので、炎の大きさは、おそらく10〜15mくらい!!

その煙突の周りの工場の明かりが巨大な豪華客船のようで、なんだかテーマパークのよう。。。 おそらく日中にはかなり汚い、機械的な見た目をしてるのだろうけど、このキャンプ地からはかなり近いので、ごうごうと燃える音が聞こえます。(遠くのジェット機のエンジン音みたいな)


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  1. I’m lookin’…but I can’t see noise. That camera is awesome, so are the pics you’re taking. Just think, with all these running repairs, next time you guys do this trip it’ll be easy!!

    • Yeah, whoever buys this car will have a practically half rebuilt car! Half their luck…

      And, thanks!

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