Day 26: Okuhida – Takayama 58km

100912Was raining when we woke up, which could have made sleeping in quite easy.  Except, I was awake long before my alarm was set to wake us.  Typical.

We had two choices to get from where we were to Takayama City, one was to go back through the onsen towns that we’d driven through yesterday (and the day before) back to the main route connecting Matsumoto City and Takayama, or take a new route that cut the distance in half.  Of course I was up for adventure!  It’s pretty hit/miss what kind of road you’re going to get in the country side, sometimes is a beautiful brand new road, used by no one, and going no where, or like the one that we got today, narrow, old, dangerous, rough, tight, steep and absolutely beautiful.  We were completely surrounded by forest.  Straight, giant pines were as far as we could see to our left/right.  Following the road (though, I suspect the road came later) was a beautiful river littered with waterfalls and cascades.  It was a hard job to concentrate on the road, made even more perilous by the damage that even a small accident would cause.

We were entranced by the beauty all around us, and after nearly 30 minutes of driving we saw a few small houses, then a few more, and then the old and decrepit road changed into a (semi) modern road, complete with separate lanes for multi-directional traffic.  At last we didn’t have to hope for the best each time we passed around a blind hairpin corner.

Before long, we were in the centre of Takayama City, surrounded by tourists (a surprisingly large number of foreign tourists).  The old district was tight/cramped, so we didn’t bother trying to park the Delica.  We drove on, looking for a large (and un-supervised) carpark to park and get the ‘cub out (so that we could explore cheaply/comfortably).  Not far from the station we found a giant bowling alley with an underground (and nearly empty) carpark.  Perfect.  It only takes (at most) five minutes to get the bike in/out, so it’s no hassle at all.

We headed straight for the tourist information centre to get maps of the central area (not that it really helped us that much, in retrospect).  So, off we went to join the masses.

takayama takayamaStraight away we noticed that this weekend was an ‘Autumn Taste Festival’, which basically meant lots of street vendors selling specialities from the area.  Fine with me.  Risa tried some of the local beef (Hida Beef) on a stick, then some grilled mochi (also on a stick).  Me, I tried some takoyaki (round batter balls, generally with octopus inside) , though since beef is the speciality for this area, there was no octopus.  It was beef takoyaki (牛多子焼)!  After waiting for it to cool down, I gave them a try.  It was pretty good, though nothing more than a novelty really (not that I love original takoyaki).

takayama takayama takayama takayamaThe old districts were basically shops selling things to tourists.  From food items, Japanese alcohol to random things that nobody needs (though plenty seem to want).  The buildings were fantastic (though, I do wonder how original they were), but walking around for thirty minutes is about enough to get an idea of the place.  If we had the money to treat ourselves to some of the fantastic cuisine on offer, it may have been a different story, but we are severely limited in our budgets and had to make do with window shopping.

takayama takayama takayama takayamaWe walked for quite some time before getting onto the bike again to cruise the streets (in a more rapid/comfortable fashion).  I really enjoy this style of travel, I get to see the small back alleys.  The places that tourists don’t generally venture to (at least not the ones that don’t have a motorbike).


It was 4PM, and we’d pretty well seen all that we wanted to see, and at a loss for things to do, we did our laundry.  We’d planned to head back into town to see it at night, and to treat ourselves to a dinner at a restaurant.  When we returned back to town, it was almost a different place.  There were no tourists (well, few), and the majority of the shops had shut up.  We walked a little while before finding a place with reasonable prices and a menu that interested us.  We ordered a BBQ beef set (which means it came with rice and miso soup, which could be topped up as much as we desired, which wasn’t much).  The restaurant wasn’t too busy, but it was full and the poor lady was there on her own.  She seem quite frazzled, but the food was still good.  I’m not a huge fan of Japanese beef, I think it’s far too fatty/expensive, but dinner tonight was still delicious.


We quickly walked around the old town enroute to the bike (to take some photographs), but the lights were out, and the place was shut up.  I guess it’s a day trippers holiday location…

We headed to a michi-no-eki just north of town in Hida-furukawa, which is on the way to tomorrow’s destination, Shirakawa!



奥飛騨からは、2通り高山までの行き方があったけど、ロスは、峠道でも大丈夫だべっと謎の自信満々で峠を選ぶ。 峠の入り口には、看板が。





駐車場がデカい駅近くのボーリング場に駐車をさせて頂いて(笑 カブに乗っていえーい☆

川沿いにカブを停めて、なにやら人通りの多い歩行者天国へ。ン〜いい香りが漂っている。この土日で飛騨の味祭りというのが開催されていて、色々な飛騨のおいしいものが集合し食べ歩きできるというもの☆ ラッキー! さっそく楽しみにしていた飛騨牛の串焼き1本¥300を頂く。普段は、¥400らしい。らっき〜 上品な大きさのお肉が笑4つ串に刺さっている。 おぉ!柔らかくてじゅ〜し〜!  そして立て続けに、みたらしよもぎ串団子を。 これは、1串¥60。飛騨のたまり醤油をつけて炙ってあるので、こげた醤油の風味がたまらなくおいしかった。この醤油の焼きおにぎりがあったら最強においしいと思う! こげたお醤油の風味と香りって大好き♥  ロスは、飛騨牛多子焼きにトライ。見た目は、大きめのたこ焼きだけど、中身は、飛騨牛が入っているので、縁起かつぎに“多子焼き”らしい。味は、すき焼きのたこやきみたいな感じで、激熱だったけど、中々おいしかったです。

腹を満たし、いよいよ古い町並み拝見。 その名の通り通称古い町並みという通りがありその通りは、古い建物が保存または、改築後も古い建物のような建物で統一されている京都のような通り。ただしすべてお店。たしかに2階には、お店の人が住んでるかもしれないけど、民家ではない。 それも、何カ所か、古い蔵をきき酒などができるバーに改造してあったり、和カフェになっていたり、すてきだった。 高山では、販売のみの酒屋ではなく、そこで酒造している造り酒屋には、直径80cmくらいの杉の葉でできた大きなボールが看板の横にぶらさがっている。これは、うちは、造り酒屋ですよというサインらしい。たしかに酒屋でも販売のみのところには、それはなかった。おもしろ〜い。



カブ周遊も疲れて、夜も多分きれいだから暗くなるまでいたいけど、疲れたし、見るものみたし、、でロス君提案でたまっていた洗濯物を洗いにコインランドリーに行く事に☆ 洗濯、乾燥中は、近くのユニクロとマックへ笑 無事、全て終了しいい感じの薄暗さになってきたので、所定の場所に車を再度置きに戻り、カブでまた町まで移動☆

お腹がすいてきたので、高山ディナータイム! 今日はせっかくなので、シメも飛騨牛で♪ 飛騨牛BBQセット¥1500を2人で仲良くいただきました〜。飛騨牛おいしいけど、個人的には、安い赤みたっぷりのオージービーフの方はあたしは好きかな笑 安いオンナですね〜☆

ご飯を終わると、外は夜。楽しみに歩き始めるも人もまばらで、店は、全部閉まっている。暗い。そして歩いているのは、ナゼか外人だけなんですけど笑 なんで〜? 夜の高山は、ニセコより外をあるく外人率が高い。ウケル。もしかしたら日本語のガイドブックにそう書いてあるから日本人が歩いてないんじゃないの?なんで冗談をいいながらデリカのもとへ戻り、道の駅を目指す。

車に乗り込むと雨が。 またまたグットタイミング☆

今日は、おそいしデクスターは切りよく昨日でシーズン1を見終えたので、本日休デクスター日。 あ〜シーズン2が楽しみ!


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