I started the morning rather foolishly, but I wasn’t aware of it until two-hours later… I lost yet another pair of thongs. I have now lost two sets of thongs, and broken a third set…

20130804_RCH_0426To break up the day of driving, we made a detour to 80 Mile Beach (I wish they would rename all the imperial place names to their metric equivalent, in this case, 128km Beach). When we first drove over the sand dune and got our first glimpse of the bright white sand and amazing azure and turquoise waters, we got just a little excited!

20130804_RCH_0417 20130804_RCH_041920130804_RCH_0421 20130804_RCH_0423However, when we got up close to the beach, we realised that it was actually full of quite coarse shells (almost exclusively undamaged shells in some places) and not so much of the silky fine sand we had yesterday at Cable Beach. The turquoise water was also that colour because the wind was whipping up the sand in the waves, so when we went for a swim, the water was actually really murky… and cold, and although it was quite shallow, there was quite a strong riptide. So, we instead went for a bit of a walk searching for interesting shells. I gave up after a few minutes (and went back to read a book), but Risa found a whole collection of colourful shells (and a whole heap more that were pretty, but broken).

20130804_RCH_0424A few days ago we bought a jar of spreadable marshmallow called ‘Fluff’. It was an impulse purchase because we’d never heard of something so ridiculous, though to be fair, it went OK on scones with jam (though, I’d much prefer some dollop cream). On the jar was a suggestion for the ‘Fluffernutter’ sandwich: one part peanut butter, one part Fluff. In the name of Science I gave subjected myself to it, and while nothing to write home about, it wasn’t all that bad. It’s actually not as garishly sweet as the concept sounds (spreadable marshmallow).

Another few hours of driving, making our way to Port Headland to replace the bearings in our Alternator tomorrow morning (hopefully – wish me luck).

20130804_RCH_0428Dinner (BBQ chicken wraps) was accompanied by another of the Matso’s beers –this time the ‘Smokey Bishop’. I’m generally not a fan of dark beers (and I still believe that Guinness tastes the way I imagine poison to taste – and yes I’ve had it fresh in Dublin), but Risa and I both agreed that it was quite a smooth beer, very easy to drink. Not as light as the Ginger Beer, but that was almost like a bitey soft drink.

83日目 8月 4日 (日)  南へ向けてドライブ

今朝は、とてもかわいらしい小鳥達と朝日で目覚めました。 ディズニー映画のような、なんて素敵な目覚め♡

ひたすらGreat Northern Highway を南下、南下、南下。


昨日のキャンプ地からだいたい180kmくらいの所にEighty Miles Beachという美しいビーチがあるらしいので、休憩もかねて立ち寄ってみました。

80 マイルは、だいたい128kmなので、128kmもの長さの白いビーチが広がっていました。





その他にも、向こうが透けてみえるほど薄く、砕くとグリッターのような貝殻もありました。 これは、たぶん真珠貝。 しかも黒真珠貝の貝殻も発見!


本日のキャンプ地は、次の町Port Headlandから90kmほどの場所。

16時頃に到着し、まだまだ夕暮れまでも時間があるので少しのんびりしてから、お外で夕食をたべました。 今日もチキンラップ。 ウマ安ヘルシー♡

川がすぐ側にあるので、色んな鳥の声がします。  緑のセイキセイインコの群れもいました。 やっぱカワユス☆☆

今は、日が暮れたので、コオロギさんたちが、ここぞとばかりに大音量で歌っております。 こっちのコオロギほんと声量がハンパない。